He Shoots, He Draws Podcast

Ep: 036: Interview with Master Photographers David & Luke Edmonson.

Episode Summary

Glyn sat down with David Edmonson and his son, Luke, both incredible photographers for a very personal chat about life and photography but it's more than that for both of them. David has over 40 years in the industry and is truly a 'Master Photographer'. Join Glyn, David and Luke for a very intimate conversation.

Episode Notes

David Edmonson has been called a “Master Photographer to Master Photographers” and with good reason.
With over 40 years in the industry, the indelible impact David Edmonson leaves with clients, students and peers around the world is remarkable. No doubt, his signature style is unmistakable. But it’s his “Iron-Sharpens-Iron” philosophy that has fueled his art and professional success.

A relentless pursuit of excellence through competition. Selfless mentorship. A hands-on benevolence with his passionate charities. Simply put, the “Edmonson Way” means that giving is a both a privilege and a path to self-improvement; for himself and those he encounters. David, is a Grand Master Photographer of WPPI, was bestowed with WPPI’s Lifetime Achievement the organizations highest honor. It’s often said that Art Imitates Life. If you’ve ever seen the work of David Edmonson, this is clearly true: “Profound with dimensionality, ingrained with emotion and compelling in their beauty."

In 2015, Luke, a Double Master of WPPI, presented his father David with WPPI’s Lifetime Achievement the organizations highest honor. Luke is al-so one of the three founders and and a graduate of WPPI’s Certification Program for Wedding & Portrait Photographers, the first ever of its kind.

…This is the Edmonson Way.

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